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DCIS at Montbello

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DCIS at Montbello is a new 6th-12th grade innovation school in the Denver Public School System. For schools, public and private, building a robust, cohesive communications platform is essential to their success. Building a culture, or brand, of excellence is also a primary goal.

When starting this project Hero sought to design a brand identity to reflect the integrity and commitment of the school’s staff and faculty. Influenced by Asian mythology, the school had already chosen the dragon as their mascot. We refined the dragon figure and developed a family of logos, including a formal crest which embodied the academic excellence the school would cultivate. From this design we created an overall look which was applied to print and digital collateral, clothing and environmental signage. Many elements being produced in bi-lingual formats.

DCISmontbello.org and the school’s email communications are the core of their communication strategy. We create a site with a highly refined navigation structure and clearly defined content areas to serve both school news & events and brand-building community stories. The school’s email newsletters serve the students, families and the larger Montbello community as well.

In parallel with our design work Hero conducted market research to inform the school’s messaging. From the research we developed a Content Strategy, Editorial Calendar and six months of website and newsletter content. The strategy was based on insights gleaned from research and aligned the school’s communications with the interests and needs of their community. The calendar and content provide the school with a road map and foundation for sustaining effective communications throughout the school year and beyond.

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