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When Hero began in 2005 we were a traditional design studio focused on corporate identity and collateral. We had a big drafting table, Exacto knives, Pantone swatches—the whole works. As the browser wars subsided and web standards developed we moved away from putting ink on paper and began exploring how we could help our clients succeed in the digital business world. 

A decade after our transition our work has the same focus. We provide consulting and execution in the areas that define our client’s online success: search engine optimization, marketing automation, digital campaigning, and lead generation.

Our client’s are Denver-based, national B2B software technology companies. We work directly with our clients’ marketing team on short-term and multi-phase projects. 

If your company is looking for a digital marketing consultant to audit and improve your website, or provide expert execution of a lead-gen campaign, Hero might be a fit. Connect us directly at the links below.  

Cheers — Jeff Mason